Photobooth Software

Discover the functionalities of our application which equips all our machines


A plethora of cutting-edge features to delight you /

Photo / GIF / Boomerang / Vidéo

Digital Disguises / Green Background / Dynamic Photo Frame

Sharing by: Email / SMS / Instagram




Green Wall

Animated Background


Share your photos easily and ergonomically


Our Photobooth allow your guests to receive their photos instantly by SMS by simply entering their phone number


Your guests can also send their photos directly to their mailbox, which, at the same time, allows you to collect their data


Your guests can publish their photos in an album or Facebook page of your choice, on Twitter or Instagram. The use of offline sharing is included


We provide different templates to create customized microsites with your own brand, giving you the opportunity to create a different experience every time.


Our photobooth provide you with data-rich reports, as well as a customized data entry function to get the right information from your guests


Track the number of people who took pictures and use this data to organize your marketing operations. Emails, phone numbers and Twitter usernames can be downloaded into a handy Excel spreadsheet. A secure link will be sent to you with full access to all event analysis.

Data capturing

Our photo kiosks have a data entry form creator allowing you to personalise the information entered by your guests. This includes numeric fields, text fields, drop-down lists, multiple selections and more

Amazing extras

Catchingbox devices are equipped with many features that give you the opportunity to create unique experiences

Scratch game

Improve the customer experience by offering personalized scratch games to try to win promotions, goodies and so on


Make a slideshow on a large screen or projector at your events. Configure the number of photos to display and easily mark them with your logo or banner ad.

Integrated gallery

Our photo kiosks are the only ones to offer a photo gallery integrated into the device, in which guests can access previous photos, then share them again or even print them on the spot


Allow guests to choose filters to apply to their photos or automatically apply a filter/layer of filters to create a unique look and feel to your event

White label

We offer you powerful customization options for sending custom emails, microsites, SMS and Twitter messages to ensure your guests have a memorable brand experience.

Digital Accessories

Thanks to our advanced facial recognition software, you can see in real time the digital disguises you have chosen. Our digital accessories add an extra fun factor to your event.